Directions and Information

CAMERON AVENUE: My house is marked 16 on the gate and the mailbox next to the gate. It is a yellow front gable house with a narrow white front porch. It is next to a brick building with murals painted by the local high school students.

The numbers on Cameron Avenue, start at both ends; the street passes into Somerville. We are on the Cambridge side near Massachusetts Avenue. Cameron Avenue turns into Harvey Street on the other side of Mass. Ave.

On the corner of Cameron Avenue is a Cafe across from which is a triangular building on the top of which is a big blue sign pointing to Cambridge Lumber on Harvey Street. Cameron avenue is on 2400 block of Massachusetts Avenue. The End Station Car Barn for the #77 electric busses is just before Cameron Avenue and the wires stung above Mass. Ave turn into the bus lot.

Massachusetts Avenue (Rte. 2A) taken NW leads to Rte. 16 (three lights) also called Alewife Brook Parkway. Rte. 16 North goes to Revere Beach and Rte. 93 N&S. Rte. 2 is south is the next traffic light south on rt16. Traveling further south on RT 16 takes you towards the Charles River. Massachusetts Avenue taken SE and South meanders through Harvard Square where it turns east and heads past MIT and across the bridge into Boston and Back Bay.

SUBWAY: from Logan Airport Coming from the airport you can take the (new) Silver Line to South Station. Then take the Red Line to Davis Square. Follow the walking directions below.

WALKING: from Davis Square T-Stop: From the Holland Street side, leave the station by the Mecham Street exit door. Follow the path directly in front of you between the trees and sculptures. After about a six-minute walk you will pass the end-station for electric busses on your left. The gate will let you out on Cameron Ave. Go right on leaving the pathway. Cameron Inn is #16 about 15 meters from the gate.

DRIVING: from the Airport: Take Route 1A south through the tunnel to the expressway and go north to Storrow Drive West. Follow the signs for Routes 2, 3 and 16 towards Arlington. You will cross the Charles River on the Eliot Bridge just past Harvard Square and the Stadium. Stay on Routes 2, 3 and 16 towards Arlington. You will cross a large intersection and go up a hill to pass Fresh Pond and on to our rotaries (turn-abouts). The first rotary is on Concord Avenue and you will go left to the second rotary.

At the second rotary you will go right and pass the strip malls and over the RR bridge. You will be on Alewife Brook Parkway and pass Alewife Station and Route 2 west on your left. After the light at Route 2 go north one light to Massachusetts Avenue, route 2a. Go right on Massachusetts Avenue for 3 lights and left onto Cameron Avenue.

DRIVING: From North South or West take Route 95 to Route 2 East: Go north (left) on the Alewife Brook Parkway (route 16 north). Take a right at the next light onto Massachusetts Avenue for 3 lights and left onto Cameron Avenue.

DRIVING: From Harvard Square We are a right off Massachusetts Avenue (north-west) past Porter Square on the way to the Arlington town line.

The Boston and Cambridge street grid is laid out like overlain spider webs, the center of each being one of our many "Squares" with rays leading to other squares. This happened because the squares were originally small isolated villages. The streets and paths all lead to the next little village.

If you have trouble find a nice cafe on Mass Ave or in Davis Square and call me at 617-661-9332.